2018 East Texas Transition Conference: Door to the Future

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Leslie Polvado, Texas Representative, TAI - Talent Assessment, Inc. 

Leslie Polvado’s passion is discovering and promoting potential. As a mom/ teacher/director/advocate/wife (not in any particular order) she breathes to support others in reaching their personal potential – social, emotional, academic (in no particular order here either!). Her mantra is – “life is full of teachable moments, let’s learn together!” Leslie holds Texas Certificates in EC-8 Generalist, 8-12 ELAR, ESL, and All-level Special Education. She is also certified as a Principal. Currently she is National Director for Independent Living Experience, the Texas Rep for TAI, and a Board Member of the Disability Chamber of Commerce (and maybe a little ADHD!)

When most people see my son they have no idea he has a disability; consequently, if he did not have someone to advocate for him who knows the system, there is a very real chance that he would fall through the cracks. 
Services and supports for individuals with disabilities, especially adults with disabilities, are limited; and, even more so for individuals with invisible disabilities like Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD. As the population ages and their circles of support shrink it is more important than ever to ensure they have the skills and resources to fill in the gaps so they do not fall through the cracks. 

Filling in the Gap When You Fall Through the Cracks

10:35 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.   Breakout Session II